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The CNA skills DVD is available for purchase...

If you would like the CNA skills DVD mailed to you, view the second to the last link down in the "Web Store", making it $40.00.   You will receive a tracking number to your package.

The DVD is a great resource for the skills for your state exam, but when it comes down to it, always follow your state's skills handbook.   The North Carolina (and all other states) skills must be performed the way the candidate hand book states.

There are NO returns on DVD's.    After you purchase a DVD, it is yours to keep.  Please, view the "HOME STUDY PROGRAM"  link on this website if you need the books and application for the state exam.

FAQ about the skills DVD:

1.  May I purchase a DVD alone?   Yes.    Do I have to be a student in your class?   No. 

2.  If I purchase the "CNA Home Study Program" with skills DVD, is that the same DVD?   Yes.

3.  Where do I mail payment?   Look on the "Registration, Order Form" on this website, the payment mailing address is on there.

4.  May I pick up a DVD at my class?   Yes, as long as I have some in stock.

5.  If I need a North Carolina candidate guidebook, are those available for purchase with the DVD?   Yes.   And, it is included when purchasing the DVD through the "web store" link on this website.  The NC candidate handbook is included if you purchase the complete home study program and with all CNA training classes.

6.  When should I watch the DVD?   Before your class, after your class and when ever you have time in between.

7.  Do you accept returns on the DVD?   No.  Unless the DVD is defective or something similar to that, and then you will receive a free replacement with the return of the defective DVD.   You must return the defective DVD to get a free replacement.

8.  Can the skills DVD be used for other states, other then North Carolina?   Yes.  The DVD goes over each skill and can be used in other states.  Follow along with your state's candidate handbook at the same time.   See below, question 11 for more info.

9.  Do I have to be a past, present or future student to purchase the skills DVD?   No.  You can purchase it alone.

10.  Do you have a skills DVD in Spanish?   No. The DVD is only available in English.

11.  Is this DVD recommended for all 50 states?   Follow your state's candidate handbook.

12.  How long is the entire play time on the DVD?   It is approx. one hour and forty five minutes.

13.  Do you guarantee that we pass the state exam by using the DVD alone?   No, I will not reimburse any money if you fail the state exam.   Many factors are involved and you must STUDY and practice the skills to pass.  All 24 skills are on the DVD that you could be tested on at the clinical portion of the state exam.


You need to have a TV with a DVD player with a remote control to watch the skills DVD.   Or, you can watch the DVD on your computer.


The DVD is copyrighted and it is illegal to make copies of this, without committing a crime.




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