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Medication Technician - Home Study Program (AKA  Med Tech)

The NC Medication Aide is different than the NC Medication Tech.   A Medication Aide works in a skilled nursing facility and MUST attend the 24 hour course.   You cannot "test out or challenge" the Med Aide exam.    This is NOT an online course or a formal class room traditional class.

Medication aides were approved to practice in skilled nursing facilities (SNF, also known as long term care) in Senate Bill 622 August of 2005.  The law became effective July 1, 2006, and the NC Division of Health Service Regulation (previously known as the State Division of Facility Services) rules for SNF became effective October 1, 2006.

On July 1, 2011 - North Carolina changed the laws regarding Medication Aide classes.   You now have to take the 24 hour class at your local community college or a proprietary school.   I only offer the Med Tech home study program.

The Medication Technician (Med Tech) works in adult care home settings, like assisted livings and group homes and some nursing homes.

What is a “North Carolina Medication Tech” ?   A Medication Tech is a state certified individual who passes out medications in a long term care facilities, nursing homes and group homes. This includes oral medication, eye and ear drops, ointments, rectal, vaginal, sub-lingual, nasal, trans-dermal, inhalants, etc.

Med Techs do not work in hospitals.

The total cost of the home study program is $120.00.

You must have a photo ID, social security card, high school diploma or GED.  You must be able to read, write and understand English. The state exam is $25.00 each time you test.  The state exam is sixty (60) multiple choice questions written in English.

FAQ about Med Tech home study program:

1.  What are the requirements?   You must be 18 years of age or older, have a high school diploma or GED, be able to read, write and understand English.   You will also need a current photo ID and social security card to take the state exam.

2.  When I get hired by a facility, what else will I need?   You will be background checked, finger printed, drug screened, and any other requirements your facility uses for hiring.

3.  What is the cost of the state exam for Med Tech?   $25.00.   This fee does not go to me.  It will be mailed in with the application to the state to receive a test date.

4.  What is included in the fee?  Your Med Tech textbook, study guide, practice test, answer key, skills DVD and the information for the application for the state exam.   You will pay your own exam fee when mailing in the application.

5.  How do I register or order?   View the "Registration, order form" on this website.   Or, view the second to the last link down,  "Web Store" and pay with paypal or online with a credit card or debit card.

6.  Do you offer the Med Tech as a home study?   Yes.  Everything is included as listed above, but you do not attend a class.  This is the only way I offer Med Tech currently, as a home study.   The price is $120.00.   You can pay on the Web Store with the paypal option with shipping included or mail in the "Registration, order form".  This is not an online course.   You do get your materials mailed to you, to do at your own pace.

7.  Is Medication Aide available as a home study?  No, by law it is not allowed to be a home study.  You must attend the 24 hour class for Med Aide.   Med Aide and Med Tech are different in NC.

8.  Where do I take the state exam?   At your local NC community college.   This will be included in the application packet from the state.

9.  What is the difference between a NC med aide and a NC med tech?   A medication aide must attend a state approved training course with a minimum of 24 hours and then take and pass the state exam.  The med aide must renew the certificate every two years with paid work experience.   A med aide can work in a skilled nursing facility.


Danielle Hossler, RN


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