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If you do not have a printer, just print clearly on a sheet of paper and mail with payment.  You are allowed to combine payments into one money order or certified bank check.  I do NOT accept personal checks, the ones out of your checkbook.   Do NOT send cash through the mail.  Thank you!

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Circle:   North Carolina materials,      Florida CNA home study program,     Florida HHA class

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Circle:  CNA home study and skills DVD supplement   ~    Pharmacy Tech home study    ~   CNA skills DVD only   ~  CNA practice tests and skills DVD   ~  CNA practice tests only    ~  NC  Med Tech home study program   ~   Med Tech DVD only   ~  Florida HHA class


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Danielle Hossler     10735 Weeping Elm Bend,   Land O Lakes,   FL   34638


~ If you do NOT have your books within five business days, email me.   I have tracking numbers on all packages.  If you are paying in the "Web Store" (online), you do NOT need to mail or fax this form. Thank you!