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Where is my package?

l packages, including books, DVD's, practice tests, etc. are mailed from the United States Postal Service also known as the USPS.   I ship packages every other day, not including holidays or Sundays.   

All packages have a tracking number on them that is emailed to you after the package is shipped.    When you receive this tracking number you have three choices.

1.  Visit  and use the track and confirm link to track the package and use your code to see your expected delivery date.

2.  Or, call  1-800-222-1811 and use the tracking number to find out the status.

3.  Go to your local post office and use the Automated Postal Center (or another APC machine) to check on the delivery status.

You will receive an AUTOMATIC email with your delivery tracking number emailed to you AFTER your package is mailed.   It will state it was sent to your billing address.   I do follow "special instructions" and ship it to the address you have as your shipping address.

This method has worked extremely well and most people have their materials within three to four business days.   Remember, there is NO mail delivery on Sundays and holidays.

IMPORTANT:   If you live in an apartment or dorm or if you have a college campus box for your shipping address, you might have to ask your apartment manager or supervisor at the office for your package.   It will not fit in a small mail box and it does not fit in a college campus box.   So, ask first where they leave the packages that are not able to go in your mail box!


~ NO book packages or phone calls will be returned from Sunday, July 24th through Saturday, July 30th due to Summer Break 2016.    You can still order during this time, but your packages will be shipped when I return.  Thank you for your patience!


If you have questions, use the "Contact Me" button on the website.   Thank you.